Introducing Simply Beautiful clothing and accessories designed to fit perfectly into your contemporary life. Our fashions are delicately infused with the flavor of bohemian chic while echoing French vintage couture. For everyone from young professionals to women secure in their careers — and from stay-at-home moms to sassy grandmothers — Simply Beautiful offers affordable, divinely comfortable clothes with distinctive appeal and romantic lace or ruffled details.

With the establishment of Simply Beautiful, no longer do women need to travel from shop to shop to create their own unique looks. Simply Beautiful’s online store brings these distinctive fashions to them. You can show your free-spirited side by combining textures, lace and ruffles, or get whimsical with fringe and bows.

Simply Beautiful clothes were created for layering. Lace over lace, silky tunics over leggings or skinny jeans, lines that vary from trim to swingy — so many riches to choose from when creating an individual style. Dress them up or down — there are so many options and ways to combine them that your choices are infinite.

Michele Miller is the genius behind Simply Beautiful. After twenty years of marriage, six children and four grandchildren, Michele returned to her birthplace — Kentucky — where we do things a little differently. We treat others with kindness and respect and remember to share what we have. At the same time, we enjoy a good laugh and love dressing up for any event, even a backyard barbecue.

Simply Beautiful clothing and accessories fit perfectly into southern lives but are delicately infused with the flavor of bohemian chic. Michele continues doing what she does best: helping women look and feel their best. That purpose has found a new outlet in Simply Beautiful apparel and accessories. Her innate sense of style attracted her to the simple, fluid lines and silky fabrics of the Simply Beautiful line of clothing. Soon, women in her community wanted to know where these unique designs came from and the idea for the Simply Beautiful online store was born.

Lisa Miller is Michele’s daughter-in-law. She’s the online sales and social media expert and a personal stylist for every customer of Simply Beautiful. Her love is exploring the currents of fashion and then helping each woman combine their Simply Beautiful choices into the perfect looks for them. Every woman is different and may want to emphasize some features and minimize others and that’s where Lisa excels. Her goal? That every woman, every day, looks and feels their best in Simply Beautiful clothes and accessories.

Inna Grishchuk has always been blessed with a great sense of style and now she is able to turn this passion into a professional activity. Inna supports Simply Beautiful with styling and online marketing. Inna also helps develop the perfectly pulled-together combinations in the online store or social media. If you have questions about Simply Beautiful clothes or accessories, Inna will help you with the answers so you can make these fashion gems your own.